Live Event

Report on events
from multiple systems







Connect events from any system via a web request

Events from any system are sent to Insights and tagged with data that can be used in reporting.

See a list of available API commands in our docs.

Connect= events from any system via a web request

Tag each event with relevant data

Events can be tagged with additional data which can be used for creating more in-depth reports.

Tag each event with relevant data, linking data across multiple events

Report on live event data

Create custom graphical reports and place them on highly configurable dashboards.

Search for events or view tabular reports of your data that are automatically summed up per Station or Station Operator.

See reporting features
Display live event metrics with custom dashboards

Core Features

Monitor performance across the business, parts of the business, just your machines or process lines.

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Create custom dashboards for live reports

Display your machine or bench/station's performance, current throughput, actuals Vs targets, etc live within your laboratory/factory.

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Create custom graphical reports

Graph your orders, throughput, stoppages, errors types, etc as they happen. See how long it takes to resolve errors/stoppages and much more.

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Quickly see how your machines are performing

Overall Equipment Effectiveness is the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Quickly configure OEE for events being sent by a machine.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team, we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

    • What Events can I send?

      We have two types of events. Instance Events which happen at a point in time (e.g. order created, vial dropped, etc) and Duration Events which span time (e.g. Login, Stoppages, Processing time, etc).

    • What are Stations?

      A Station is a generic name we use for a machine/bench/device... anything that can send events to Insight.

    • Can we trial it for free first?

      Yes! We are happy to setup an environment which you can send events to and see if Insight is right for you.

      Request a demo

    • Do you report on OEE for machines?

      Yes, if your device sends the required events to Insight, then you can report on OEE. Each station type can be easily configured for OEE reporting. We'll be happy to show you how to.

    • How do I send events?

      Check out our Docs page for APIs and other technical help.

    • How live are your reports?

      Our reports are as live as the events you send. You can configure the refresh rate for each report independently based on how current you want that report.

    • Can you help us with setup through to configuration?

      Yes, we can assist with getting your machines/devices/systems setup for Insight. We can also help you generate the reports you need on your Insight dashboard.

    • Who are you guys?

      We are the Motion Design team who design, build and control custom automation solutions. So we know how to help with automation, big or small!

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